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Global Executive Trade's leadership team brings a wide range of international experience and diverse perspectives to our clients.

We specialize in using our legal and business expertise to help clients navigate project development challenges in emerging economies.

We also work with international agencies and governments to address trade and procurement development priorities. Whether acting as consultants on trade sector reforms, to drafting procurement strategy briefs, or training on high-impact policy issues, we are committed to making international development more effective in serving emerging economies. We believe doing so requires ensuring quality, client satisfaction and positive impact in all our assignments.

Our combined experience brings more than two decades of expertise to our clients. By pooling our specializations, we can help achieve meaningful success, efficiently and cost effectively.

“At Global Executive Trade, we believe in the power of international development & trade as catalysts for true and sustainable development.”

- Magda Theodate, Management Consultant & Founder, Global Executive Trade Consulting .

" My team and I have expert knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets. That's why we've channeled our know-how to provide quality advice to SMEs seeking export opportunities, governments developing policy initiatives, or trade associations that want to facilitate trade, and create economic opportunities for their members."

- Magda Theodate -Director

Global Executive Trade shares its expertise with those who truly care about the impact commercial trade and quality procurement can have on economic and social development.

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