Global Executive Trade offers professional consulting services to facilitate country development in emerging economies. We work with private sector to manage trade compliance matters and support access to market opportunities. We also work with the public sector to ensure successful project implementation. Whether in trade, PPP good governance, project procurement or other areas, you can count on us to deliver solutions to your concerns.

Trade Facilitation and Compliance

Implicit in the formalities involved in trade and international business, are challenges that require expert knowledge and solid experience. Collecting, presenting, and communicating trade data on imports/exports, as required for the movement of goods or services in international markets, can make or break the deal. That's why we will work with you to:

  • Comply with trade rules & standards
  • Promote policies for improved trade environments
  • Implement key legislative changes
  • Create policies and guidelines, along with training for implementation

Procurement for Development

The intricacies of planning and implementing project procurement strategies for goods, works, and consulting services, especially in meeting development aid requirements for country socio-economic development, can be stressful and confusing. We have the capacity and agility needed to improve implementation. Our range of related services include:

  • Advice to overcome implementation challenges
  • Policies, guidelines and manuals, along with associated training
  • Procurement progress tracking and analysis
  • Promoting training on international agency procurements

Public Private Partnerships

This approach to country development where risks and benefits are shared between private firms and governments to achieve a common development undertaking, requires careful planning. That's why we sharpen our focus on areas such as:

  • definition of roles based on synergies and risk management allocation
  • corporate registration due diligence
  • conflict negotiations
  • contract management

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